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5 min readFeb 1, 2023

Dear Proton Community,

Today, we take another step forward in creating the world’s most customer-centric digital asset banking network using blockchain technology, as we introduce full account verification requirements for all Metallicus developed applications on the Proton Blockchain. This is an important milestone and requirement as we continue to lead the way in bringing blockchain technology & finance together.

What is Account Verification?

Account Verification, also known as KYC, or “Know Your Customer,” is the verification process used by financial companies to confirm the identity of their clients. This process involves gathering information such as name, address, and government-issued ID (passport or residence card). The goal of verification is to stop fraud and prevent any illegal activities from happening, as well as to meet government regulations. To achieve our goal of creating the most customer-centric banking network, and with Proton Blockchain playing a significant role in this, it is important to ensure that Proton Blockchain is compliant and regulated. This means implementing full KYC for all customers is fundamental to everyone’s success and Metallicus is proud to be one of the only blockchain developers to offer this added layer of security and protection.

We recognize that some individuals may be hesitant to complete the KYC process due to the sharing of personal information. However, we want to assure you that we have implemented strict measures to safeguard your personal data. Our team has collaborated with legal and regulatory specialists to ensure that our KYC implementation adhere to all required standards and regulations. Additionally, we have recently passed a SOC 2 security audit, which attests to our secure and compliant practices when providing financial services to our clients.

Proton Blockchain & Account Verification

Upon successful completion of full account verification on the Proton Blockchain, you gain access to all the dApps developed by Metallicus in the decentralized finance realm of Proton, without any gas fees. This includes the recently launched ProtonDEX, Swap, Farms, Pools, Fiat, Metal Dollar, and much more.

It is still possible to create a WebAuth Wallet, access third party applications, stake XPR and make on-chain transactions without completing KYC, but we encourage you to verify your account to be able to enjoy all of the great benefits it unlocks.

A lot of these account verification restrictions are already in place, but we want to ensure you can continue to enjoy all of the great benefits the Proton Blockchain has to offer.

What is the deadline to verify my account?

We want to ensure that all of our community is aware of this change and has plenty of time to verify their account so we are setting a four week deadline.

By the deadline of March 1st, you will need to have verified your account to access all of the aforementioned dApps.

How do I verify my account?

KYC’ing on the Proton Blockchain could not be easier. All you need to start is your Government Issued ID and your WebAuth Wallet, and if you don’t have one of those already, you can find WebAuth on the iOS and Android stores.

1. Go to

2. Connect Wallet

3. Select Mobile. On desktop, you will need to scan the QR presented with your WebAuth wallet scanner. On mobile, tap “Open Wallet”. Follow the authorization steps presented by your WebAuth mobile wallet.

4. Back on the Proton KYC web page, enter your home address.

5. On desktop, you will need to scan the 2nd QR code presented with your mobile device’s regular camera to open the linked URL and begin the ID and selfie verification flow. On mobile, just tap the purple bar on the Proton KYC web page that reads “Verify Identity with Incode”

6. Follow the directions on your mobile device and take images of your valid government ID. Please submit your passport instead of your ID, especially for our customers based in India and South Korea. If you don’t have a passport you may submit photos of the front and back of your resident ID card.

7. Take a selfie when prompted. Please remove any glasses, hats or hoods so that the image of your face is clear. If approved, your basic verification is complete and you can use Proton Swap and Proton Loan.

8. To gain full access to Proton Fiat deposit features, continue with the following steps.

9. Back on the Proton KYC web page, enter your SSN or Tax ID.

  • SSN (U.S. Only):
  • If you’re submitting an SSN, please make sure to double-check that it’s correct before submitting.
  • Your account will then be reviewed once SSN is submitted. Once approved, you’re fully verified to use all of the Proton dApp features!
  • Tax ID and Questionnaire (non-U.S. Only):
  • If you’re submitting a Tax ID number, please make sure to double-check that it’s correct before submitting.
  • Once your Tax ID number is submitted, please fill out the questionnaire.
  • Your account will then be reviewed.

Once you have verified your Proton account, feel free to check out some of our other guides from our Help Center to get the most out of your Proton experience!

Where is Proton Account Verification available?

Account Verification is available to 140+ countries globally. The state of New York, Russia, Ukraine and OFAC sanctioned regions are barred from all features.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our Client Services Team

Metallicus & Compliance

From day one, Metallicus was built on the belief that a simple customer experience, strong regulatory compliance, flawless security, and verified identity, are essential for the integration and scalable use of digital assets in financial services and economic activity. As a result of these early founding principles, Metallicus has already developed a suite of products that are solving industry challenges that could be a model for tech-forward regulators seeking better approaches to promote financial inclusion and defend against bad actors and systemic risks. In addition to industry-disrupting technology, Metallicus is building out a formidable team, including an Advisory Board that represents over 100 years of executive-level expertise in traditional banking, compliance, regulation, and finance. Metallicus aims to be compliant with the most stringent financial regulations and data security standards globally.




We are building the world’s most customer centric digital asset banking network using blockchain technology.