Donald Berk added to Metallicus Board of Directors

2 min readJun 19, 2023
Donald Berk — Chief Operating Officer added to Metallicus Board of Directors

At Metallicus, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to bridge the gap between traditional banking and digital assets and we’re thrilled to announce a pivotal step in that journey. Our Chief Operating Officer, Donald Berk, is joining our board of directors. This key appointment reinforces our unwavering commitment to growth and continuous innovation within the industry.

Don’s credentials are impressive, to say the least. With over 25 years of experience at Northern Trust, he’s proven his ability to successfully steer one of the world’s most influential financial corporations through numerous strategic initiatives. His vast industry connections and deep-seated understanding of the traditional finance space are invaluable assets as we continue to foster our relationships with fintech and banking institutions.

Our recent launch of Metal Blockchain marks a significant leap in our drive to revolutionize traditional finance. Donald’s role on our board comes at the perfect time, as we aim to help financial institutions unlock the transformative benefits of blockchain technology.

As our COO, Donald has been a relentless advocate for blockchain technology across our company’s operational aspects. His dedication to our core principles of simplicity, regulatory compliance, robust security, and identity verification aligns seamlessly with our vision. With him on our board, we’re better equipped than ever to redefine the financial sector.

In Don’s own words, “The future of financial services has materialized before our eyes, and I am exhilarated to embark on this transformative journey.” His enthusiasm is palpable and mirrors our commitment to revolutionize the banking sector.

Don’s addition to our board is not just a reshuffling of roles — it’s a testament to our readiness to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the financial industry. Stay tuned to witness the exciting new chapters we are poised to write in the story of digital finance.

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