Introducing Proton DEXember

4 min readNov 25, 2022


DEXember | The Month of Proton DEX

It wouldn’t be right for us to finish the year without a traditional Proton Blockchain wordplay, and that’s why we’re seeing out 2022 with the launch of DEXember.

Every month should be dedicated to Proton Blockchain, right?

The DEXember campaign is a month dedicated to supporting the newly launched Proton DEX. A month of free trading opportunities, limited edition NFT drops, trading competitions, and more. All in support of marketing the Proton DEX, and bringing it the attention it deserves.

Proton DEX is truly a one-stop shop for everything you could need for crypto trading on Proton Blockchain. Whether you’re looking to instantly swap tokens without gas fees, add to liquidity pools and farms to earn rewards, or simply earn a variable APY on your USDC balance in Proton Loan, has you covered.

So, what exactly is DEXember?

The DEXember campaign has four main components:

  • Cyber Monday — A limited release ‘practice trading key’ sale
  • DEXmas XPR Burn — A burn of the ‘practice trading key’ proceeds
  • 12 Days of DEXmas — The first Proton DEX trading competition
  • Limited Edition NFT Drops — Surprise & Delight NFT drops

Our community has been great in relaying feedback to us on the Proton DEX, with some of those changes already being implemented, and we want this feedback to keep coming

To help facilitate this, and to give you a cheaper way to practice trading on Proton DEX, we’re announcing the launch of our DEXember Trading Key on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday | DEXember Trading Key Sale

The Proton DEX trading key NFTs are very quickly becoming a thing, and we’re delighted to see such incredible demand for the first two-lifetime trading keys that were auctioned on

That being said, in the spirit of getting the entire Proton Blockchain community involved, we are launching a limited edition DEXember trading key, which will give you completely free trading on Proton DEX until the launch of the 12 Days of DEXmas Trading Competition.

These keys are an opportunity to practice trading on Proton DEX, without having to pay fees, so you’re well prepared when the trading competition officially begins.

On Monday 28th November, at 11 am ET, we will release 500 of these limited edition DEXember Trading Keys, all priced at $10.

The DEXember Trading Key

The keys will be available for purchase on and we will release the official account selling the keys via the Proton Blockchain Twitter channel @protonxpr on Monday morning.

The free trading with these keys will expire on December 13th, when the trading competition begins, but be sure to hold onto them, as they may have additional utility in the future!

Remember, there are a lot of scammers around, so be careful, and make sure you purchase the right key.

Christmas Burn | DEXember Trading Key Proceeds

The community has consistently asked for XPR burns with Proton DEX, and we have been listening.

Not only did we recently announce that all XPR fees generated on Proton DEX between the 23rd — 29th of November will be burned, but we also burn the entire proceeds generated from the sale of the Cyber Monday DEXember trading keys.

Did someone say another burn?

12 Days of DEXmas | Proton DEX’s first Trading Competition

The first Proton DEX Trading Competition

Our business development team is working around the clock to bring more trading pairs and liquidity to Proton DEX. With this imminently on our doorstep, we expect an influx of fresh traders from different token communities and trading platforms far and wide. As we build out our listing process for these new tokens, we know that trading competitions will play a big part in this.

To ensure we’ve perfected the competition process, we’re kicking off our first-ever trading competition for Proton DEX in DEXember, especially for the Proton Blockchain community.

The 12 Days of DEXmas are the 12 trading competition days that start on December 13th and finish on December 25th. The rules are simple, the higher your trading volume is, the greater the chance you have of winning a prize.

The Prizes

1st Place — Proton DEX Trading Key (1 Year Free Trading— 2023)

2nd Place — Proton DEX Trading Key (1 Year Free Trading — 2023)

3rd — 10th Place — Proton DEX Trading Key (January Free Trading - 2023)

Two traders have the chance to trade free for the entire year of 2023, and eight traders can win free trading for all of January 2023, it’s that simple.

That’s not all, we have ten January 2023 Free Trading keys as spot prizes, for anyone that places a trade during the 12 Days of DEXmas Trading competition. We will pick random winners during the competition, and announce them on our social media channels.

Happy Trading!

The Competition Rules

The rules are simple, the trading competition only applies to XMD pairs, and known market makers will be excluded from winning, to ensure a fair playing field.

As you’re reading this, the team is building a trading leaderboard for Proton DEX, which will be ready for the start of the 12 Days of DEXmas trading competition, and will serve all future trading competitions.

As always, the Metallicus team continues to build…

Best of luck to everyone participating, and Happy DEXmas.





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