Meet Marshall Hayner of Metallicus

3 min readJul 4, 2023


Marshall Hayner — Co-Founder & CEO of Metallicus

With a fire in his soul fueled by the revolutionary potential of blockchain, Marshall Hayner has carved his own path in the often tumultuous world of cryptocurrency.

As an American-born entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Marshall’s interest in blockchain pre-dated the technology’s rise to fame. This fascination was sparked through his early involvement with decentralized file-sharing platforms.

Marshall was entranced by Bitcoin from its inception, gravitating toward its vibrant community of like-minded pioneers. It was amidst this buzzing hive of innovation, specifically in the Dogecoin community, that Marshall honed his skills and met his future Metallicus co-founder, Glenn Mariën. His pivotal role with the Stellar Foundation and creation of the first-ever Bitcoin wallet for Facebook further solidified his expertise and influence in the field.

For more than a decade, Marshall has lived and breathed the world of cryptocurrency. His vision - to construct a fully integrated system built from the ground up, playing well with existing financial frameworks — gave birth to Metallicus in 2017. While others in the industry vied for
dominance with singular products, Marshall and his team assembled an entire suite of compliant, regulation-centric systems.

Inspired by his grandfather’s career at Merrill Lynch, Marshall’s respect for traditional financial systems is as robust as his enthusiasm for its evolution. As a testament to this, he donated $100,000 in blockchain based digital assets to the First Bank of the United States for its restoration.

In 2023, in recognition of his dedication and contributions, Marshall was appointed as a board member of the Dogecoin Foundation. With Metallicus, he constructed a decentralized exchange, directing 50% of the platform’s proceeds back to the non-profit Dogecoin Foundation. This stands as a testament to his enduring belief in a blockchain technology that serves humanity at large.

Featured in JP Morgan Deep Dives, Fortune, and Forbes, Metallicus and Marshall are attracting global attention. With an unwavering commitment to the true, regulated potential of technology and an unrivaled understanding of the industry, Marshall stands at the forefront of the
cryptocurrency revolution. His tireless work and determination are set to ensure that this technology finds its rightful place in today’s financial systems.

Under Marshall’s stewardship, Metallicus is not just making strides but reimagining the topography of the financial world itself. He’s exemplified that regulation and innovation can symbiotically coexist, offering a combination of stability and evolution that both reassures
established stakeholders and propels groundbreaking change.

His vision for Metallicus — a comprehensive, interdependent suite of systems rather than just a singular product or blockchain — has stirred interest from major fintech players across the globe. They recognize the potential of Marshall’s venture to redefine the financial industry in an
era where transformation is inevitable.

However, for Marshall, Metallicus isn’t merely a business proposition. It is a mission that harmonizes his enduring fascination with finance and technology. His unwavering belief in the capacity of technology to serve humanity is ingrained in Metallicus’s ethos.

Navigating the complex, often opaque world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Marshall’s quiet, resolute presence is a stabilizing force. His relentless dedication and hard work remain the propelling factors behind his success, bolstering his reputation as one of the most informed
and reliable figures in the field.

As Metallicus ascends, so does Marshall’s potential influence on both the American economy and the global financial scene. Still, he humbly views this as the beginning of a long journey. His dream extends beyond the success of Metallicus — his ultimate ambition is to serve as the Chairman of The Federal Reserve, a testament to his deep respect for both tradition and innovation.

In a world at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, Marshall isn’t merely a bystander. He’s a beacon of transformation and progress, serving as proof that commitment, creativity, and an unwavering belief in the power of technology can reshape our world. Marshall is not merely a
participant in the blockchain conversation — he’s leading it, and his story is far from over.




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