Metallicus Attains SOC2 Compliance Certification

3 min readJan 12, 2023
Metallicus attains SOC2 Compliance Certification

SOC 2 Compliance Audit

Today, we are pleased to announce that Metallicus has successfully passed the SOC 2 (System & Organization Controls) compliance audit by our independent third party auditor, Polaris.

For those unfamiliar with SOC2 compliance audits, they are a thorough evaluation of a company’s controls, policies, and procedures to ensure that they are meeting the highest standards in terms of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. This is especially important in the financial industry and all supporting product or service providers.

At Metallicus, we take the security, integrity and privacy of our customers’ data very seriously. We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the security of our systems, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance in the industry. That’s why we are so pleased to have passed this important audit.

Passing an SOC2 compliance audit is no small feat. It requires a significant investment of time, resources, and effort, as well as a commitment to maintaining the highest standards for overall safe and soundness of our system. We are proud to have achieved this important milestone, which demonstrates our commitment to best practices in the industry.

We understand that our customers place a great deal of trust in us, and we are committed to upholding that trust by providing the highest level of security and privacy possible. We are thrilled to have passed the SOC compliance audit, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the highest level of integrity and excellence.

Metallicus & Compliance

At Metallicus, we believe intelligent regulation, preventive security, and verified identity are pivotal in unlocking a compliant, seamless crypto future for everyone.

Regulatory/Compliance is one of our largest departments, and we aim to meet the most stringent financial regulations and data security standards in the US, EU, and other jurisdictions.

For financial institutions, fintechs and corporations, we deliver crypto solutions built with preventative cybersecurity and verified identity, compliant with regulatory and industry standards, and for consumers, we ensure their digital assets are safe and secure and data and identity are private

Donald Berk — Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Donald Berk is propelling Metallicus to the forefront of the industry through his relentless pursuit of regulatory superiority and provision of unparalleled compliant cryptocurrency services, including the recent achievement of SOC 2 certification. His extensive knowledge and experience, including over 25 years in traditional banking, make Don’s expertise an indispensable asset in aiding Metallicus to effortlessly integrate its industry-leading blockchain solutions into traditional finance.

About Metallicus

We are building the world’s most customer centric digital asset banking network supporting retail and corporate clients. We know cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain are technologies that empower people and businesses like no other. They should be for everyone — and be secure, regulated, sustainable and, above all, simple and easy to use.

Metallicus is driven by the idea that strong regulation, preventive security, verified identity and a seamless customer experience are absolutely essential for integrating and scaling uses of digital assets and cryptocurrencies into everyday financial services and economic activities. We have radically reset expectations for eco-friendly, energy-efficient and infinitely scalable blockchain-based solutions.

Imagine a future where crypto meets cash; where banking, payroll and other financial activities meld seamlessly with the world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi — in a secure, regulated environment that vastly accelerates the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

That is the future Metallicus is building.




We are building the world’s most customer centric digital asset banking network using blockchain technology.