Proton Blockchain Fiat Update

2 min readMar 3, 2023


Proton Blockchain Fiat — Silvergate & Circle USDC.

Dear Customers,

Yesterday our partner, Circle, informed us of the imminent deprecation of their third party wire API service due to this service being discontinued by Silvergate Bank. This is the service Metallicus uses to provide fiat to USDC on-ramp for Proton Blockchain accounts.

While the deprecation date is set for Mar 13, 2023, out of an abundance of caution we will be removing this function from

If you have a transaction pending at this time your funds will be credited to your account as normal. Funds wired after Mar 13, 2023 will be rejected and incur fees.

For those looking for a functional on-ramp to the Proton Blockchain ecosystem, we recommend that you use Metal Pay, where applicable. In the US, our customers can use ACH, wire and debit cards and in Europe our customers can use debit cards to buy crypto on Metal Pay.

Metallicus, Inc. had no business relationships with Silvergate Bank, nor did we partner with Silvergate Bank for any of our products. We have partnered with various banks and banking service providers in the US and Europe. We are making transitions between these providers to ensure the best, uninterrupted and secure service for our customers. As such, we are making changes to our fee structure relating to fiat-to-crypto on and off ramps. Please refer to our fee disclosure as you use our products.

As always, Metallicus is committed to ensuring that customer funds are secure at all times and we provide the best user experience in the industry.

Thank you,

Team Metallicus





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