The Metallicus Pro-Trader Program

4 min readJul 31, 2023


Metallicus Pro-Trade Program — Now Live

In a world where decentralization meets compliance, security, performance and affordability, the Metallicus developed Exchange, stands tall as an industry pioneer. With zero fees on BTC trades, identity-verified parties, and full self-custody of assets, we offer the ultimate destination for all traders, be they institutional or professional. To enhance your trading experience, we’re proud to introduce the Pro Trader Program and Pro Trader Tuesday.

The Pro Trader Program: Early Adopters of a Game-Changing Experience

The Pro Trader Program offers an exclusive suite of unmatched benefits to our dedicated trading community. As we continue to develop the trading experience on Proton DEX, with an already superior back-end infrastructure, we’re now working towards catering the front-end of our platform for those that use it most, and help us solidify its position as the digital asset exchange that the industry needed from day one. As part of the pro-trader program, you will be invited to support this continued development as the landscape around digital assets continues to develop.

Becoming a Pro Trader offers you access to:

1. Pro-Trader Discord Channel: Access our private Discord, a think-tank of experienced traders where insightful conversations, trading strategies, bot-building guides, and more come to life. Engage, learn, and share within a curated trading community.

2. Pro-Trader Only Competitions: Participate in exclusive trading competitions, designed to test your strategies against the best. Thrive in a competitive space that enhances your skills and keeps your strategies sharp.

3. Access to Beta Tools: Get first-hand access to our latest trading tools and beta features. Be part of the development process, providing invaluable feedback and influencing the next wave of trading technology.

4. Exclusive Content: Gain access to Pro-Trader exclusive content, including technical trading guides, in-depth market analyses, and insightful webinars. Keep your knowledge and strategies up-to-date in the fast-paced world of decentralized trading.

5. Additional Perks: Enjoy perks like free trading periods, early access to new features, and exclusive Metallicus merchandise. Be part of a program that celebrates your trading expertise and recognizes your contribution to our community.

The Pro-Trader Program is a blend of exclusivity, advanced technology, and a tight-knit trading community. This is more than just a program — it’s an opportunity to be at the forefront of decentralized trading, helping shape its future while evolving your trading expertise.

Pro Trader Tuesday: The Doorway to the Pro Trader Program

Every Tuesday, we offer our DEX traders a chance to join the Pro Trader Program through Pro Trader Tuesday.

Here’s the sequence of steps to join the ranks of Pro Traders:

1. Account Verification: Start by undergoing and successfully completing our KYC process.

2. Trading Volume: With all trading pairs on the DEX eligible, achieve a total trading volume of over $1,000 within a 7-day period, starting each Tuesday to qualify.

3. Market Makers Exclusion: Please note that market makers are not eligible for this program.

4. Winner Selection: From those who meet the volume requirements, winners are randomly selected. We have two categories of prizes — one for new accounts created in the 7-day Tuesday-to-Tuesday window, and another for existing users.

5. Reward: Winners are awarded with $250 in XPR. Furthermore, they will be issued a Pro Trader NFT, which grants them access to our exclusive Pro Trader Discord channel.

By following these steps, you can stand a chance to join an elite group of traders, shaping the future of decentralized trading on the DEX.

Inaugural Pro Trader Group: Pioneers in Proton DEX Transformation

We’re giving 12 traders in the first week an exclusive opportunity to not only gain early access to the Pro Trader Program but also help shape the evolution of our UI and UX design, ahead of its rebirth.

Active DEX traders interested in joining this inaugural group should contact Metallicus Trading Lead — Gaetano at with their Proton account details. Entries will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Members of this group will participate in live sessions, providing valuable insights and feedback as we fine-tune the interface. This is your chance to influence the future of DEX.

The Pro Trader Program and Pro Trader Tuesday embody our commitment to creating a seamless, efficient, and secure trading experience on Proton DEX. We’re excited to welcome our top 12 traders into the inaugural Pro Trader group and can’t wait to see you redefine what DeFi means to the world.

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