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4 min readMay 18, 2023


Frank Mazza | Director of Blockchain Marketing & Digital Assets

1. How did you discover blockchain technology and what caught your interest?

As a former CMO at EvoShare, a fintech startup that had an integration with the Metal Pay technology, I would eventually become exposed to the concept of blockchain and its potential benefits. However, it wasn’t until I learned about the ecosystem of Metallicus that I started to truly educate myself on blockchain technology. When Metal Blockchain launched, my interest was piqued, and I began to see the potential for this technology to revolutionize the banking industry. My experience working in the banking industry helped me to connect the dots and see how blockchain could provide secure and transparent asset storage and transfer without intermediaries. The potential for democratization of financial services is what excites me the most about blockchain technology, and I’m eager to be a part of its continued growth and development.

2. What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

Being a parent of three, it can be challenging to unwind, but my days are always filled with new and exciting experiences with my two toddlers and newborn. When I’m not busy teaching them new things, we often engage in fun activities like karate, soccer, and other games to keep them entertained and active. In the evenings, we like to explore the world of technology by using tools such as MidJourney to create digital art and transform images. We also enjoy creating and drawing our own comic books, coloring books, and other creative projects. This not only helps us wind down after a busy day but also provides an opportunity for our family to bond and spend quality time together.

3. Why did you join Metallicus and what do you love about working here?

I decided to join Metallicus because I was drawn to their vision of decentralization. Having worked in the banking industry for 7 years, I was excited to find a company that could bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of decentralized finance in a compliant manner. What I find most appealing about this opportunity is the chance to be part of a company that is so forward-thinking and well-prepared for the future. It’s exciting to be in a position where I can witness and contribute to the growth of a company that is ahead of its time and making significant strides in the world of blockchain technology.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Although I’ve had some wonderful travel experiences in the past, I wouldn’t say that I’m a big fan of traveling. These days, I find myself drawn to places where my family can simply unwind and have fun together, whether it’s a trip to Disney World or a quiet day in a nearby park. For me, the most important thing is spending quality time with my wife and children and cherishing each moment we have together. Whether we’re exploring a new corner of the world or just enjoying the simple pleasures of life, I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by my loved ones, making the most of our time together.

5. Can you describe a typical day in your role at Metallicus?

As the Head of Metal Blockchain Marketing, my role involves a lot of movement and adaptation. To stay on top of things, I typically wake up at 5:30 am and start my day by scanning Twitter and the Metal community to identify the daily sentiment. Throughout the week, I typically have 1–2 scheduled calls on Metal Blockchain, and spend roughly 1–2 hours on LinkedIn prospecting. In addition, I dedicate time to building out campaigns and developing flows for Metal Pay, ensuring that our messaging and branding is consistent across all channels. While my days can be busy and demanding, I find it incredibly rewarding to be a part of such an innovative and forward-thinking company, and to have the opportunity to contribute to its growth and success.

6. What is a book, movie, or TV show that has made a significant impact on your life?

“Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” is a book that has had a profound impact on my life. It was actually the first book I chose to read without assignment after high school, and it has been instrumental in helping me to develop my skills in communicating and presenting my ideas effectively. The book provided me with valuable insights and practical tips on how to capture people’s attention and create a compelling narrative that resonates with them. I learned how to paint a picture and grow a vision, and how to structure my presentations in a way that engages and inspires my audience. Thanks to “Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs,” I’ve been able to improve my communication skills and become a more effective leader and collaborator. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their communication and presentation skills to the next level.

7. Can you share an exciting project you’re currently working on at Metallicus?

Metal Blockchain

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